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San Marino, Marco Arzilli (Secretary of State for Industry): We need an authentic economic and cultural devolution

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What are the Republic of San Marino’s development strategies? What is San Marino’s starting point and where is it going? These are the questions we asked Marco Arzilli, Secretary of State for Industry, Handicrafts and Trade.

“After the hard work of the past few years, it is fundamental for our Republic to map out precise prospects for growth. What’s the starting point? To confirm that we are an independent sovereign state and that we have a role to play on an international level. That we are a country with a flourishing economy and with peculiarities thanks to which whoever comes to invest here enjoys certain advantages compared to others. We have done a lot to confirm our role in Europe and worldwide, now it’s time to reap the rewards”.

What can you say to investors who are just discovering the reality of San Marino?

“That San Marino has all it takes to be considered an attractive economic meeting point. What we still need – and this is what we are working on – is to succeed in becoming part of an increasingly wider network. However, we have a specific state structure and characteristics that offer those who invest here a competitive advantage. We can provide replies to regulatory issues quickly and are able to pass laws in just a few months on matters that in other realities would take years.  Furthermore, we are a country that has a history of solidity that offers guarantees; we aren’t an emerging country that it is risky betting on”.

However, we are also a country that has been still for quite some time.

“That’s true. We were at a standstill for too long, but then things started moving again. This is also why I think whoever turns to us will find a reality that is working seriously to try and find new outlets for growth. Today, whoever decides to invest in San Marino starts off with a great advantage”.

In recent years San Marino has been the victim of considerable media pressure.

“We have had to deal with three long years of media bombardment on the one hand and a veritable embargo on the other: making our voice heard outside the country was extremely difficult. I don’t think there is a similar example of such a ferocious attack and without having the opportunity to reply. If we succeed in coming back and overturning the situation – and I’m sure we can – ours could become a textbook case. However, as we are beginning to receive important recognition, we cannot limit ourselves to saying we are good and nothing more. The information from San Marino must be direct and top quality information and it is on this quality, in all sectors, that we can build our future”.

What does the San Marino meeting point for development forum hope to represent?

“This event is very different from the usual study forums. Our intention is to send a message to the country, but also to those who are looking at us from outside. People have come here to understand what we are doing and what we still have to do: it is an important service for all our economic community and I hope that this is perceived because San Marino must accelerate in what should become an authentic economic and cultural revolution”.

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